Are you going to be the woman who gives up on her life, or the one that shows herself that she’s a total badass?

Sooner or later you find yourself putting everyone else’s wants and needs ahead of your own, and there’s next to no time left just for you.

So you forget who you are, what you want, your dreams, and feel like your life is on auto pilot.

It does not have to be this way. You are allowed to want more!

So, if you’re reading this and it sounds even a little bit like you lady, then I’m going to lovingly (but with a side of kickass) say what needs to be said:

I’m here to help you become an empowered confident woman who goes after the life she wants, and go after your dreams by deciding that you can, realizing what it is you truly want, going after it, and showing yourself the woman you truly are!

Ready to quit waiting, hoping, making excuses and not let anything get in your way? I’m right behind you!

tatianahome3Hey Lady! 

I’m Tatiana and I’m about to become the best thing that ever happened to your badass life…

For years I’ve worked to help mamas who aren’t ready to give up on life just yet and want to find a brand new way to live.

By working with me I’ll help you become badass in your confidence, and life, and make money while going after your dreams and making an impact on this world!

Start making yourself a priority, step in up, start doing what YOU want, and show yourself what you’re capable of! The best part? By doing this, you SHOW your kids they can too!

Just think of me as your straight-talking-faux-leather-pant-wearing-guacamole-loving-green-smoothie-sipping-cheerleader who’ll always believe in you – even on the days when you don’t.

Get over here to tell me a bit about you want what you want for your life & biz!