Are you going to be the mama who gives up on her life, or the one that shows her kids that she’s a total badass?

Being a mom is probably the most important job you’ll ever have and as every mama knows it’s a full-time job (that you’re probably doing on top of your other full-time job) while playing taxi driver and making sure your kids get to school, ballet, swimming and gymnastics on time.

tatianafamnewSooner or later you find yourself putting everyone else’s wants and needs ahead of your own, and there’s next to no time left just for you.

So coffee becomes your first and second meal of the day and you find yourself reaching for convenience foods and candy to satisfy your cravings.

That is until one day when you wake up and realize the you-bought-them-in-a-couple-of-sizes-up-and-promised-yourself-you’d-do-something-about-the-size-of-your-ass-but-you’ve-been-yoyo-dieting-for-so-long-they’ve-now-become-your-regular-pants no longer fit, and you don’t recognize the tired, overweight unhappy face staring out at you from the mirror.

If you’re reading this and it sounds even a little bit like you mama, then I’m going to lovingly (but with a side of kickass) say what needs to be said:


I’m here to help you put yourself first by creating a complete lifestyle change that allows you to kick the cravings, drop your excess weight and get in the best possible shape of your life.

Ready to quit making excuses and not let anything get in your way? I’m right behind you!


tatianahome3Hey Lady! 

I’m Tatiana and I’m about to become the best thing that ever happened to your badass life (well, since Chipotle that is…)

As a successful Health Coach I work with mamas who aren’t ready to give up on life (or the possibility of looking damn hot in a bikini) just yet and want to find a brand new way to live.

By working with me one-to-one, in my Hot Mama Bootcamp, or self led programs, I’ll help you become badass in your health, confidence, and life!

Start making yourself a priority, step in up, start doing what YOU want, plus eliminate food cravings, get your nutrition under control and get noticeable results with the BEST health and fitness programs.

You bring the commitment; I’ll bring the accountability.

Just think of me as your straight-talking-faux-leather-pant-wearing-guacamole-loving-green-smoothie-sipping-cheerleader who’ll always believe in you – even on the days when you don’t.

Get over here and get info about The Hot Mama Bootcamp, the most supportive space to lose weight online!