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It’s been a very long journey for me…The dieting and body image issues started at a very young age, and I didn’t start doing what really needed to be done in order to make a lasting change until I was around 31 years old (I’m 35 now). I’m writing this for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t want any more women to go through what I went through. I want to save women from the hell I went through, or at least help them get to the healthy, happy place faster.
  2. I see way too many women either never starting or giving up on their health, weight loss, etc. journey.
  3. I see women not placing value their health, or not making themselves a priority.

Guess what? I did all 3.

Quickly I want to talk about #3. If you see my story anywhere (past webinars, videos, posts, even maybe on my site…need to change that), you’ll see I said I did every diet out there…I was a professional dieter…and I would blame diets for me not getting results or making a lifestyle change. Well, I’m gonna say it – that was a cop out! No I do not agree with many things out there, but throwing them under the bus rather than getting to the core of the problem is not the way to handle it either.

So I’m going to share with you what was missing for me, and may be missing for you and so many other women out there. I wish I would have known these things a long long time ago…or had been open to them…Because yeah, I was stubborn.

11 Things I wish I would have known when I started my weight loss journey

Here are a list of things I didn’t do/know:

1. No vision – this one is HUGE!!! Everyone is different (you’ll see/hear me say that a lot). Sit down, take some time and really think about what you want, not what you think you should want. Not what society says you should want. Not what magazines and the tv say you should want. What do you really, truly want? I thought I wanted to have abs. I thought being thin and having abs would change my life! I thought it would make me happy. Nope. I finally realized that what I really truly wanted was to be healthy, to feel good, to have energy, to have confidence, to go into a fitting room excited to try on clothes, to walk into a room like I owned it (not be the girl hiding in the corner), to be at fucking peace with myself, love myself and be happy!

So take a moment to really think about what YOU truly want.

2. Comparing – Again, everyone is different. Our bodies are different. I would compare myself to every woman. Why can’t I be like so and so? I would ask myself that all the time…I wish I was like so and so…Until I realized I’m me and I rock, but what was it about those ladies that I wanted? Instead I turned it into inspiration – if they could make changes, so could I! Maybe I wouldn’t lose weight as quick as them, but that didn’t matter! Also, side note – you may not know their story…remember that 🙂

3. Reading fats, carbs, etc, instead of ingredients – I’ll just make this easy for ya. If something is low in fat but made up of a bunch of fake, processed chemical shit, you’re not gonna feel good. Plus whole food, plant based fat is good for you. Your brain needs it…and whole food carbs too! I wish I would have realized what bs the low fat craze was. I wish I would have read the long ass list of chemicals and thought to myself, “Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe this isn’t that great for me. Maybe this is why I want more and more. Maybe this is why I have no energy. Maybe this is why I feel like poop.” Eat real food ladies! 🙂

4. No community/not using a community – I thought I could do it all by myself. Nope. We women need community. We need a tribe. We need to reach out for help. We need to share our struggles. We need to be vulnerable. So let’s stop trying to be superheroes and do everything alone. Find support. Find people that want to see you rock the shit out of life and reach your goals.

And please!! If you have community and accountability – USE IT! I see so many women who are lucky enough to have this and don’t even use it. Get involved. Help others, share and give others props when they share accomplishments. The universe will hook you up for this!

5. Giving up – I’ve sat and imagined where I would have been sooner had I not given up (Dwelling on it isn’t good, but….yeah I’ve thought about it). The magic happens right after things gets hard! Overcome those struggles and BAM…MAGIC! Plus, I hated saying I had given up. The badass I wanted to be wouldn’t give up, so why did I keep doing it? Well, because…..onto #6…

6. Doubt/no belief in myself – I would often say to myself, “I can’t”, “I’ll never be able to”, “That’s too hard”, “There’s no way”, and on and on. C’mon!! Really! I had to start believing in myself and switching those limiting beliefs to “I can do anything” ass kicking beliefs!

7. No awareness/not noticing small wins – I only focused on weight. I wasn’t aware of the “smaller” things, like when I would choose better options, or have more energy, or that I was smiling more. This is why I like to tell my clients to journal and hook them up with how to start it off right to notice this stuff, or I’ll often ask the ladies in my exclusive group to share what’s been going good with their journey and lives in general.

8. Over complicating/over thinking – Why oh why did I think it was so hard? It’s not. I would just overthink everything!! Sound familiar? Like what workouts to do or what food to eat…I would stress out about veggies, so then I just wouldn’t workout or I would eat a Lean Cuisine (btw check those ingredients…ahhhhhh, scary shit!). Now I simplify my food. Seriously, I do not overcomplicate food. I see it as fuel for my body and that’s it. I’ll let the chefs at restaurants complicate it 😉 And in terms of exercise, I just follow quick programs that I like, so no stressing out at the gym. Want to see what I eat, etc. every day? Follow me on Instagram stories @ tatianaamico

9. I was missing something – What was I missing in my life? Why was it that I wasn’t happy? When I really started digging deep and realizing there was so much more going on that had nothing to do with my weight, is when I really started making a change.

10. Invest in me! – Yeah I would say I had no money, but when I saw a pair of shoes I wanted or if I wanted to go out to dinner, I’d find a way. So basically what I was telling myself was that I wasn’t worth it. Had I invested in me and gotten the help I needed earlier, it would have taken me way less time, stress, worry, etc. and I would have had the support and guidance I so desperately needed (again, part of me thinking I could do everything on my own). Side not – since realizing this, I have invested A LOT in me for my health and my business. and investing in my health actually lead to me making more money 🙂

11. Willing to learn, and take action/implement – Basically that’s it. I was stubborn. I needed to be open minded, listen, and be coachable. Also, I wouldn’t take action and that got me absolutely nowhere. I wish I would have had someone say, “Just DO IT! Just freaking do it!” and this ladies, is why I am now a coach! 😉

I will end with this – all of the above are mindset issues that I needed to work on. This is why I stress personal development and even therapy. I see it every single day – those working on their mindsets are the ones making change….They are the ones living a lifestyle and learning to love themselves. This, ladies! This is why I focus on all the other stuff…the truly important stuff with my clients!

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