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In November 2016, my mind set coach told me to de-clutter. She told me to think of 1 area that made me feel stressed out just thinking about. It actually wasn’t an entire room…It was just  the dining room table, and this damn silver bowl on our dining room table…Note – we don’t even use the dining room table to eat. It is totally just used to place random things (i.e. clutter) and to put food out when we have parties. Yeah, and I’m just throwing it out there – we do not do the typical family meal time, and I’m totally cool with it ????

So I cleaned the table off, cleaned out that bowl, which actually meant throwing out a bunch of random stuff we didn’t need AND putting things that should have been in my office, bedroom, and kids’ room, in my office, bedroom and kids’ room.

Guess what that led to?

Yep – me realizing I had sooooooooo much shit we didn’t use and didn’t need. It actually also led to a complete office makeover, but that’s a whole other post ???? It’s gorgeous btw.
So, I started minimizing! Apparently there are books and methods and and and…but I used the Tati method, which means it gets tossed (or given to a shelter, etc) if:
– I didn’t even realize I had it.
– I hadn’t worn it in the past 2 months or the last season for certain clothing items/accessories
– I hadn’t used it in the past 3 months (for certain kitchen appliances, etc.) or in the past season (Holiday decor and stuff like that)
– If clothing had holes or the color was faded….Or DID NOT make me feel sexy (sadly I had a lot of undies and bras that fell in this category)! Buh-bye!

I learned 4 things from doing this…

1. Due to my new found awareness skills, I realized that I had often shopped to fill some sort of void in my life or wanting to feel happy. I thought that new purse would bring happiness…Nope. It just brought more credit card debt and clutter in my closet.

2. All that stuff stressed me the f out!!! OMG!!! So much stuff!!! I instantly felt relief. Like instantly! I actually think all that stuff made me super moody, and cluttered my mind. Since doing this, I’ve been able to be so much more creative and kicking butt with my biz!

3. That “stuff” gave old me a sense of self worth. Like I needed all those clothes, the nice shoes and purses to be the sexy badass I always envisioned myself being. Nope – now I really do know how I have become her – taking care of myself, my health and my mind, learning, investing in ME, taking action, going after my dreams, working through fear, and being okay with failing, and all that fun stuff. It has nothing to do with the stuff. Although, I mean a sexy pair of pumps helps, even if I can only wear them for 5 minutes before my feet are yelling at me, so I did keep a few.

4. I wasted a shit ton of money. For some reason the old me was cool with buying the same kind of jeans 54374828180958472 times, but not okay with investing in my health. I’d say I couldn’t afford it, yet could buy all kinds of other random stuff (I now know why…because buying all that stuff isn’t work, but to help myself, I had to put in the work…aha moment right there! Boom).

So try it, and let me know what it does for you! Hopefully it helps you not only with getting rid of the physical clutter, but of the clutter in your mind, like it did for me!



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