4 things not to do to keep your power

4 things NOT to do to KEEP your power:

1. Do not apologize for who you are…ever. Be unapologetically YOU.

2. Do not change who you are to fit a mold, or fit into what others want you to be, what others want to hear, etc.

3. Do not allow others who limit themselves to limit you.

4. Do not dim your light to make others feel better. That is on them, not you.

I did do a video and went a bit more in depth, along with some of my story, and what to do if you are ever feeling triggered by others. You can watch by clicking HERE.

I also sent an email with this out to my list! BTW – if you are not on my VIP email list yet, you can get on it and get a free guide right on my homepage – tatianaamico.com! I received the following message, and I legit broke down crying…happy tears of course!

“I can’t thank you enough for this post!!! My daughter is a junior in high school and is going through hell right now..:she is beautiful, athletic, and KIND, but so much hate comes her way…she is so down right now! I screened shot your message and sent it to her…it made her day…it was truly an answer to my prayers! You have changed my life: my mindset…which in turn has made me a better wife and mother. Thanks for ALL you do!”

So this got me thinking – this needs to end. Girls need to learn to love themselves and love others. Maybe this should start to be taught in schools…maybe this is the important stuff that will develop strong, empowered women who empower other women. I do also believe this begins in the home. Let’s make sure that we are showing our girls how to treat each other.

I recommended the book, “I Am That Girl” to the mama that sent me the message, for her daughter, but it is a good read for any girl/woman!

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