When I should have been having fun at the birthday party…I was worrying about calories and grams of fat in the pizza (and trying to stop at one piece). I was in 2nd grade!

I grew up in diet culture. Every woman around me was dieting. All the articles on magazines were about diets. Commercial upon commercials of diets and diet food, so no wonder I began dieting so young.

(I’m guessing you did too…and it’s still happening)

It continued right through my 20’s…

*Calorie counting

*Points counting

*Crying because I had too many pretzels

*Sitting in front of the tv alone eating my way through an entire package of cream cheese and crackers

*Sneaking the drive thru and getting rid of the evidence

*Digging through the trash for the cake I threw out (wishing I would have doused it in bleach)

I felt lost and out of control from such a young age.

I had no idea why I couldn’t control myself.

I had no idea why it wouldn’t end.

I joked about “Messing up my diet” with the cake, the pizza, the fries, but I was hurting so bad inside. I just didn’t get it.

I was in a vicious cycle. Diet. Shame. Guilt. Regret. It was a cycle that took me years to break.

***But I’m free if it now. And damn! Does it feel good!***

LIVING. Empowered eating and losing the diet mindset. That’s what it’s all about! How does that sound?

I’ve become so passionate about helping other women break the cycle (and much faster than I did), so I’ve created a space to help you with some of my biggest tips, and where you’ll also be the first to know of the newest course I’ll be offering to help you take control ONCE AND FOR ALL!


– Stop dieting

– Stop living with guilt, shame and regret around food

– Stop counting calories, freaking out about “bad” or “good” foods, and deprivation

– Learn how to break free and start living (without restriction)

– Create lasting change (and of course – still have a life…you know your girl likes to party ;))

– Learn from a registered dietician (who has lost 100 pounds and kept it off) and get the support and guidance from a Certified Health Coach (me:))

And p.s. this program is not about exercise…It’s about your relationship with food!

Also, it’s free to join this info group.


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