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In this special episode, I’m speaking with my very own chiropractor of five years, Dr. Jodi Spurback!

When Dr. Spurback was 15 years old she experienced a level of allergies and asthma so severe it kept her from participating in any physical activities. Having successfully recovered from a work injury thanks to a chiropractor, her mother took her to one as well and within just a few months, her allergies and asthma were gone. In fact, she hasn’t needed to use an inhaler once since then!

Today, we’ll be discussing why it’s not ever normal to experience pain, be sick, have allergies, or feel physically uncomfortable in our bodies and how chiropractic care can help with all of those things and much more!

Dr. Spurback also explains why it’s never to early to get your child to a chiropractor and how that decision can help them have a higher quality of life throughout their entire lifetime.

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