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Moments from now you will make a decision that will change your life!

You hit snooze at least twice this morning, maybe more. Finally, you peel your eyeballs open and you begrudgingly roll out of bed. You still feel so tired. Did you even sleep last night? You’ve gotta get up and get ready or you’re going to make everyone late, even though you really just want to go back to bed for another couple of hours.

You grab your coffee with a tad bit more sugar than usual (AKA- breakfast) and start the morning routine, squeezing into your skinny jeans that are now a bit, um... tooo skinny. Ugh… no way these are going to button without cutting off all circulation to your lower half. You grab another, bigger pair, throw your hair in a ponytail and get out the door...late again.

 Maybe if you put your makeup on in the car rider line the kids won’t be too tardy?

Then it’s the same routine- work, errands, kid pick up, dinner (maybe out to eat?), homework, bedtime.

HIT THE BED ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED but your mind races about all of the things that you should do, need to do and want to do.

One of those things that you think about constantly is getting back into shape and to get healthy, somehow, someday… maybe tomorrow?! Yes… tomorrow! 

But, let’s be real… it’s not been easy to do, despite your best intentions.

  • The gym (and those dudes grunting like apes) is super intimidating 
  • You buy “healthy” ingredients at the store but have no idea how to actually make them so they turn into a green wad of goo at the bottom of your fridge or hang out in your cabinet for months (what do you actually do with quinoa anyway?)
  • And every time you DO find the time and motivation to put yourself first by cooking a healthy meal or locking the kids out of the bedroom to downward-dog-it (take that however you want to), you feel the mom-guilt eeking in and the negative self talk starts

If only you could decide to finally make it happen this time and get some accountability to see the results. You’d be able to actually keep up with your kids and blow right on past that 3pm slump.

You could feel confident walking through the bathroom buck-naked in front of your guy and bathing suit shopping might actually be fun for the first time in years.

 And wouldn’t it feel empowering to look in the mirror and say, “Damn, I’m a hot mama!”?

 All of those things can absolutely be yours in a matter of months, not years.

So HOW do you actually DO IT instead of feeling like shit about being on the fence about it for another 2-3 years?

I’m about to HOOK. YOU. UP. with something that will TOTALLY and RADICALLY change your lifestyle and your waistline.


Ths is a an all encompassing program & supportive community full of women like you! You’ll learn how to quickly change your LIFESTYLE so you can finally feel vibrant, sexy and confident in your own skin.

Oh, and stop the whole yo-yo dieting thing…for good. Give me 30 days and I’ll give you all the tools, education, support and ass-kicking accountability you need to overhaul your entire lifestyle so that you become priority numero uno in your life sans the guilt. 

 In a matter of days, you can be well on your way to becoming a physically & mentally stronger (read: kick ass) version of you.

Yup, in just one month (and for far less than you’d spend on those “holy shit, I only came in for toilet paper!” trips to Target) you’ll get a top-notch education in all things health, fitness and nutrition straight from a successful, certified health coach who has guided thousands of women to finding their inner-sexy.

Whattyaya get:

  • You’ll receive an in-depth nutrition guide so you know what and how to cook easy & healthy meals for yourself and your family and still have a life
  • Access to my library of scientifically-tested exercise programs so you can fiiiiiinally stop pinning random workouts to Pinterest that you never actually stick to (or even know how to do)
  • Exclusive membership for - at mnimum - 30 days to my private Facebook community and the most supportive place to lose weight online (because I’m supporting you and we’re supporting each other)
  • Your cute-n-toned bottom will walk away actually wanting to eat better food (I’m talking choosing kale chips over even the most deliciously crunchy tortilla chips – for reals)
  • You’ll feel more confident in your food choices, whether you’re cooking up a new dish from Pinterest or out on the town with friends. (Translation? Food will NEVER have the kind of power over you as it does right now EVER AGAIN.) And you’ll feel stronger, sexier and WAY MORE CONFIDENT in your body. (Sex with the lights on? A total possibility.

And did I happen to mention you’re going to do all this simply by becoming more conscious about how you’re treating yourself and your body? That’s the thing that makes this club SO different. 

It’s about more than diet and exercise, ladybug. The secret key that so many programs are missing is about strengthening your mind so you believe you can actually do this (because you effing CAN). 

So no, this isn’t a quick fix, darlin’ (you’re over those anyway, right?) – this is about giving you the not-often-shared tools you need to create a powerful & lasting change in your life.

All you have to do is trust me, trust yourself and trust the process.


 Are You Ready To.. 

  • Spring out of bed in the morning full of energy 
  • Look at your closet full of clothes that FIT! 
  • Know exactly what to eat, when to eat it and still LOSE WEIGHT 
  • Walk into a room with absolute confidence, knowing that you’re HOT 
  • Know that putting yourself first is the best thing you can do for your family 



  • AN IN-DEPTH NUTRITION GUIDE: Inside you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know to start eating right in a simple, easy-to-follow format – including exactly what and how much to eat (seriously), example meal plans, tasty recipes and tons of other tips + tools (VALUE: $500)
  • EXERCISE PROGRAMS: You get access to $6000 worth of KICK ASS, scientifically-tested exercise programs that have been put through the ringer and proven to work. Imagine not going to the gym for hours or wondering, “What the heck do I need to do??”. You get to choose what would best be suited for you, and you can switch it up! (VALUE: $750)
  • SUPERFOODS: I send each CLUB member the EXACT superfoods I use daily. This is power packed and gives me the max nutrition possible (a little secret – unfortunately the food we buy is now lacking in nutrients…yeah, it sucks, but it’s true, which is why I get it ALL in with this), helps with my sugar addiction, and has generally made a huge difference for me (there’s nothing else like it out there – for real, I’m tried ‘em allll) (VALUE: $800)
  • EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH ACCESS TO TATIANA: Support is SO important on this journey. When you join, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group for 30 days, where you’ll have the opportunity to seek my expert advice & guidance (I pop into the group regularly to hang out, chat and answer Qs) and connect with other women who get it and get you. I’ve read that those who have this kind of support and accountability are 78% more likely to achieve their health goals. I want you to be one of those successful women! AND I want you to stay that way. (VALUE: Priceless!)*
  • EMAILS SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: for the first 30 days of your journey, you’ll receive emails to get you started right, plus additional support, accountability and helpful info from me.

ALL OF THIS for just $160 (for a limited time! Reg price is $199). Yeah, I’m serious So are you ready to do this?!

You an also email me at

Check Out What These Hotties Have To Say...

“Tatiana changed my life and I’m never going back to the place I was before.”

Before joining with Tatiana I was nervous that I was thinking: Is it going to be too intense for me? Would I finally stick to something? Was I really going to have awesome results? Well I now have NO sugar cravings, fried and greasy foods no longer appeal to me, my skin is clearer, my hair is growing, and I have so much more energy. I crave my workouts, and I am way more confident and happy! I am planning ahead, having breakfast everyday, working out, and it has made me so much happier. My marriage is better because I am happier. I am no longer relying on someone else to make up for the lack of love and happiness that I need for myself. I loved being a part of the group also because it held me accountable. In a month, Tatiana changed my life and I’m never going back to the place I was in before. - Elizabeth Mama of 1 

“I feel confident, strong and determined.”

At first I thought the program would not give me the results I see in others, and it would be too hard, but my life has changed tremendously! I love how self-care has become a priority. My husband even started working out with me, and we’re both getting into great shape. I feel confident, strong, and determined. I love that I got a nutrition program, a workout program, and superfoods to add daily all together, as well as, the group for support! All of this together has benefited me in so many ways – I’d say the most helpful piece was learning about portions and what foods to be eating, and what I learned is sticking. I LOVE IT! I recommend Tatiana and her programs to anyone, especially if they don’t have time for the gym. I am a working mom, and evenings can be hectic, but being able to turn on the TV, have my partner wrangle my toddler for 30 minutes, and be a badass … yeah, that’s pretty amazing. - Ravyn, mama of 1 

So is this the SOLUTION for you?

  • Are you ready to learn how to take care of yourself (without guilt) once & for all?
  • Are you a newish (or hell, longtime, too) mom who can’t stop obsessing over losing those last five pounds of “baby weight”?
  • Do you want to know how to kick ass on the fitness mat, in the kitchen & with the kiddos (a game of basketball? Bring it!)?
  • Are you that woman who wants to feel sexy in her skin and isn’t afraid to “do the work” to get healthy, happy & hot!?


How about the next time you strut past a full-length mirror, you’re able to say, “Now, THERE’S the woman I know and respect.” You into it?

I’m Tatiana Amico, and I’m a successful Health Coach who works with women who want to feel vibrant, healthy and confident in their bodies (again or for the first time ever).

 Why do I care so much, you ask? Yup, you got it: Because I’ve been there. I honestly never had a great body image. When I was little, I soaked up the negative images of the women around me as they gabbed about dieting, Jenny Craig and their ever-growing saddlebags. It got so bad I was literally terrified to do normal “kid” things like eat pizza. In 1st grade! And as I grew up, so did my issues – I struggled with everything from starving to binging to sugar addiction to going to the gym for hours because I ate a cupcake and needed to find a way to “work it off.” 

 After I had kids it got even worse. My energy levels were so low that I was physically painful to get up and play with my family. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was a lethargic, hormonal mess.

I tried all of the fad diets, all the pills, all the programs…and yet, nothing worked. My weight kept going up and down. And I kept going from loving the dressing room and my closet to hating them both with a fiery passion. Maybe you can relate?

Eventually, I knew I had to take control of my health. I just couldn’t handle the crazy roller coaster that my weight – and mood – was on. So, I made a decision and that’s what I did!

 Today, I’m a certified Health Coach. I can walk into a gym or my spare bedroom filled with dumbbells and know exactly what to do because I have the right tools. I don’t have to “think” about eating the “right” foods – it’s honestly just part of my life. And best of all, I don’t feel guilty about taking care of myself like a badass…even with a 2 kids.

Sounds crazy, right?! But it’s just more proof that if I have time to do this... so do you! No excuses.

 In fact, I’m super proud of myself because I know that when my children get older they’ll see a mother who loves her body, who naturally gravitates toward healthy food, who exercises like a BEAST and who NEVER talks trash about herself. How much of a positive role model is that?

Lady, it’s ALL possible for you, too, once you LEARN the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW.

My MAIN MISSION in life is to make sure you’re taking care of YOU.

I don’t ever want you to look back and regret what could’ve been, and I want you to wake up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY ready to kick some ass! Let’s drop the excuses and become the empowered, confident, kick ass women we know we’re truly meant to be, mm’kay? So whaddya say, are you ready to do this?

Are you ready to start feeling the way you deserve to feel? I hope so! Let's do this!