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After a day of feeling like I wasn’t good enough, or that I would never actually have the life I wanted…the career I wanted…the etc, etc, etc I would find myself at the mall trying on shoes.
Shopping was one way I coped with the emotions I would suppress, as well as my anger for being too afraid to do anything about it all. Alcohol and food was another.
So I’d find myself trying on shoes…buying a bunch, having a quick feeling of joy, but then it dwindling, and also being left with feet that hurt. If I knew then what I know now, I would have used that money to invest in getting myself some help, and opening up a book, googling for guidance….
It happened again when I had my son cause, “A baby will make me happy”…until I found myself slipping into dark scary places…
Here’s what I have learned – he/she won’t make you happy. The shoes…purse…car…vacation…won’t make you happy.

A puppy won’t make you happy. A/Another baby won’t make you happy.

Whoa…yeah I just went there…because it’s an important thing to talk about that we are afraid to say.

That was me. I had all the things…looking for happiness. But it wasn’t about the things or people!

And…because I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear. That doesn’t help you. I’m here to help you see what is holding you back, and to help you move forward (because you can).

That is what a Coach/Mentor does. I don’t serve you by helping you stay small. I serve you by helping you rise.⠀

The other day in our #LevelUpLadies group, my girl and fellow Coach, Ashley brought up this point. Damn we share good stuff in there!

Outside things do not make us happy. It is in us. And when we realize that, and take the action necessary to help ourself, HAPPINESS…true happiness will come!⠀
Those things can definitely bring us some instant joy…and joy at other times, but that feeling of truly living?

That’s on you. That’s on me. And lady! We got this!

I know because I chased happiness for years and years, and when it didn’t come from all the things, as I said – I slipped into a dark place.

I then realized I needed to work on ME, so I did! And now? I’m happy af! The other things? The people in my life? Now I can really truly enjoy them and give them me fully!

Start the work on you because you deserve to, and I got you in helping you start NOW with my Unleash Your Inner Hot Mama Live video event.⠀

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