So on Sunday night I attended a Thanksgiving Potluck!  Yes, it was amazing – the food was amazing, the company was amazing….the next day though – not so amazing!  I woke up the day of telling myself that I would be good.  I drank a green smoothie, went to the gym, drank another green smoothie, and had a big salad later on in preparation, so that I would not be too hungry.  Well….it did not work.  Did I mention the food was amazing!  There must have been over 70 delicious dishes…and then…the desserts came out!  I made one of my favorite dishes – Lentil and Quinoa Cheesey Bake, and a Pumpkin Spice Orange Banana Bread.  They are both so yummy!  By the way – if you (or someone you know) ever wonder what someone on a whole foods plant based diet eats, this is it!  I’m mad I didn’t get a picture without the tinfoil and covers on the food because it was all definitely a sight to be seen!

With Thanksgiving coming up this will be soooooo needed ;) Click here to learn how to get over a food hangover!

I ended up eating A LOT!  I could not help myself!  I may or may not have gone up for seconds, for both the main dishes and dessert 😉 It is rare to go out to eat somewhere and be surrounded by amazing plant based whole foods, so I had to take advantage.  I also rarely eat refined sugar (I get sugar through fruits and natural sweeteners such as pure maple syrup), and the next day I felt it….BAD!  I literally felt like I had back in the day after one of my long nights out.  It was bad!  I had to work but was so tired I was almost falling asleep at the computer, and could barely concentrate.  I would like to note that this never happens to me even with a 15 month old.  I am always awake; I always have energy.  I am not gloating, and no he does not sleep through the night.  This is what eating for energy does 🙂

I knew I had to do something to get over this, so what did I turn to?  Well, green smoothies of course – my answer to EVERYTHING!

Click here to learn how to get over a food hangover!

For these I basically just thew in whatever I had.  I definitely got my fill of greens for the day.  One with spinach, another kale, and the third was collard greens!  You can check out my post here for the basics on making a green smoothie.  I almost made it through the entire day on these alone, but the acorn squash soup and asparagus I had in the fridge were calling my name, so I ate those after an intense class at the gym.  On that note – I almost did not make it to the gym, but I knew I had to if I wanted to start feeling better.  I love when those endorphins kick in after an awesome workout, don’t you??!!??

So this is what I do to get over a food hangover – I go as raw (food) as possible for the entire next day.  That can mean green smoothies, big salads, raw soups, green juice.  I also always try to get a good workout in.  It always works too!  Today I am BACK!



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