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In this week’s episode, I am speaking with Allison Ford. Allison is a writer, speaker, and coach who has been working with children of all ages for the past 17 years.

Allison was part of a family of six who was raised by a single mother in “the projects.” She grew up in “survival mode” in an environment where there wasn’t time for exploring her emotions or being sensitive.

After being in the classroom for eight years, and having two children of her own, she decided to speak about a message near and dear to heart … how to motivate, support, and explore this world with our children in a way that helps our own personal growth.

Today, we’re talking about her experiences, why it’s so important to really do your research and “investigate” your children, and her best tips for mamas.

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Resources mentioned:
The Hot Life Program
Allison’s Website
Allison’s Motherhood MBA Course
Allison’s Facebook Page

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