Here are your journal prompts to ROCK YOUR DAY!

journal prompts & questions

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2017 was not an easy year for me, but it made me realize that I want to be living a very high vibe life, without worry & stress, having fun, surrounded by other high vibe people, and going after the life I desire (which has a lot to do with how I want to FEEL).

I also had a HUGE realization – that I can be do and have anything I desire. You can too 🙂

Anyway…I kept being told to journal by all of my mentors (people doing and having the things I wanted), but I felt so lost. I can’t just sit there and start writing random things. I needed questions…prompts. So I found some, and now I journal – almost – every morning & night. It does not need to take you long at all, AND it will help you so much!

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And now, what you came here for! Click HERE for your journal prompts!*

Grab yourself a pretty notebook/journal and start today! No waiting…no more waiting 🙂

*Questions inspired by Manifestation Babe! You can grab her 21 day journal here.