Why It's So Important To Surround Yourself With The Right People hot mama movement tatianaamico.com

Do you want to grow and be better and achieve the things that you want in life? Surrounding yourself with the right people has the power to help you make that happen!

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The power of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of feedback from others
  • Who the people are you want to take feedback from
  • Who the right people are that you want to surround yourself with

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have any feelings of self-doubt or anything similar, you are not alone. Everyone has them. It’s just a matter of learning to work through them.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to take feedback from others because it’s not always positive. But in order to really grow, it’s important to be open to that.

What you can do:

  • Be open to feedback and learn from your mistakes.
  • Think of what it is that you want and who it is that you want to become.
  • Reach out to the people who can inspire you and help you achieve your goals and do what they say.
  • Take an inventory of the people you are surrounding yourself with. Are they getting you to step it up? Are they helping you better yourself? Are they succeeding in life and doing amazing things?

Tatiana said:

“You matter. What you want matters. You are deserving of better if that is what you want.”

“Magic happens when you surround yourself with the right people.”

Thank you for listening!

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Remember, you are deserving and you are capable.

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