Hot Mama Movement My Breakdown At 31 (And What Happened For Me Because Of It)

Have you ever had a major breakdown in your life? What do you do when everything seems to be going wrong for you? Breakdowns are actually a good thing and we need them. Find out why!

In this episode you’ll learn:

– My breakdown at the age of 31 and how it changed my life
– Why we need to experience crappy things in life
– Why it’s okay to desire more things in life
– What happens when you decide to change your story

5 Key Takeaways:

– We need breakdowns in our life.
– Breakdowns are a good thing.
– We have to go through crappy experiences in order to work through them, to recognize them and then come out on the other side.
– We are all capable of changing our story. All it takes is a decision.
– Gratitude is an amazing thing, but it is okay to also want more in your life.

Action Steps:

– Check yourself. If you are sick, a lot of times it has to do with your emotional and mental state.
– If you’re going through some kind of breakdown, take a moment to recognize what is happening. How you’re feeling is totally okay. Make a decision to do something about it. What is it that you need to do? Are there people that you need to reach out to? What is your plan?
– Take action. Confidence comes with action and learning who you are and being able to live the life you want comes with action.
– Work on your personal growth.
– Decide to make a change.

Tatiana said:

“Every single person on this planet is capable of changing their story.”

“You deserve the life that you desire.”

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