I get it. Trips can get cray cray! So much packing, planning….throw in kids and that’s a whole, other blog post…So why throw in feeling like poop while away into the mix? You’ll have a way better time when you feel good!

But is it actually possible to have fun on vacation without gaining weight? Hell yes it is! I do it all the time! And with kids!

I used to go away and by the time I stepped off the plane, I was already feeling bloated, sluggish, miserable….That is not how I wanted to spend my time away, so I took control of that, and here are tips for you to do that as well…No more feeling like poop and coming home to clothes that don’t fit!

8 Tips To Keep From Gaining Weight While Traveling

1. Bring healthy snacks – I bring at least enough food for the plane and that includes things like veggies, hummus (you may or may not make it through TSA with this. I usually do), Mary’s Gone Crackers, roasted edamame, lara bars (or your own energy balls/bars. Click HERE for a recipe),fruit, veggies, greens/superfood powder to ensure I get in a lot of nutrition, and other whole food snacks. I found those lupini beans and they are soooooo good! For my last trip I brought along lemons and tea because it was a short trip, I didn’t know if I would make it to a grocery store, and I like starting my days with hot tea and lemon (see tip 7)

How to not gain weight while traveling tatianaamico.com

2. Stay somewhere with a kitchen or at least a fridge – We usually book a house or apartment when we go away for extended periods of time, and with that we get a kitchen which = control over what we are eating AND saves a ton of money as well. My fave sites to book those are airbnb.com and homeaway.com. However, if I do book a hotel, I look for ones that have at least a fridge and coffee maker for tea and hot water for oatmeal.

3. Walk – This isn’t only good for exercise, but also because you’ll get to experience so much more (see things and have more interaction with other humans!).

4. Drink a lot of water – Just do it! I bring a big water bottle with me to fill up in the airport before getting on the plane, and then make sure I am consistently drinking it and filling it up.

5. Choose adult beverages wisely – I mean let’s be real…I don’t expect my trips to be all green smoothies, salads, unicorns and rainbows…I enjoy going out and having beverages. I just choose more wisely. Like I don’t get those crazy huge, bright color, sugar filled drinks. I stick to red wine, lighter beer, champagne, vodka & soda with fresh fruit like lime and/or lemon.

6. Look up restaurants – We seriously have zero excuses to not plan with google at our fingertips. Before I go anywhere, I google. Or when I am somewhere I google, “Healthy restaurant near me” or “Vegan restaurant near me”. The second works even when not vegan because what I have noticed is that restaurants that have those options have healthier options. So do your research and know where to go out to eat, so you don’t get stuck eating fast food. If there is nothing around, which could be the case unfortunately, try to eat as healthy as possible…eat a salad first, pick items that aren’t loaded with grease, cream or butter or are fried. Remember that you may be able to order off the menu. We went to a restaurant that basically had nothing I would eat, but I talked to the waiter and they made me my own “off the menu” plate.

7. Find grocery stores & farmers markets – This way when you get to your location you can stock up on healthy foods, and if you took my advice with tip #2, you can get food to cook at your place. This is a huge money saver as well. I love going out to eat, but it’s nice to only do that once a day or less, and have our own food the rest of the time.

8. Bring things to help with your stomach – Warning to those who eat really well for the most part…flying alone can mess with you, but throw in foods you aren’t used too, drinks, etc and watch out! So I make sure to bring certain items to help – my superfoods powder has probiotics and digestive enzymes so that rocks, plus I bring green tea with ginger, lemons, and if I am staying somewhere longer I will get raw apple cider vinegar (green tea, lemon, and acv to start my day), and the below papaya enzymes.

How to not gain weight while traveling tatianaamico.com

There you go! 8 tips to keep from gaining weight on a trip, and more importantly, to keep from feeling like poop, and have a geat time instead!

Oh and I’ve created a checklist for you for when you are planning your next trip to make sure you stick to these tips!

Click here to grab yours and also get additional info and tips from me!

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