This is it. You’re done with complaining, making excuses and blaming everyone and everything else.

You’re ready to own your reality, change your mindset and go confidently in the direction of your health and life goals.

This is your life and you know you deserve more.

You’ve probably tried just about every diet, cleanse and magic pill there is and, while you might have gotten results in the short-term, there has always been something missing:

Unequivocal support.

But more – you want to take your life to another level. Settling is not an option anymore.

Enter Shine! My one-to-one coaching program.

This highly customizable 3-month coaching partnership will help you zero in on the way you really want to be living.

It all starts with you.

You bring your commitment, determination and vision and I’ll literally synchronize my energy with you. That means you set the bar for your results and my performance, and I strongly suggest you set it sky freakin’ high!

Truth time…Shine isn’t for everyone.

Over the years I’ve found I work best with women who:

  • Know they want more out of life and are commited to get there
  • Have let go of the illusion of quick fixes, are willing to dig deep and do the hard work involved in going after their goals
  • Show up and act like they’ve already achieved their goals – even on the days when they don’t feel like it
  • Are willing to invest in the support, guidance and education they need to change their lives – mind, body and soul

Give me 3 months and I’ll give you a badass life

When you Shine with me you get:

  • 6 x 60 minute max coaching sessions (one session every two weeks for 12 weeks) held via video call
  • Unlimited email or voice message support through the 3 months
  • Done-for-you resources to support your goals
  • Access to everything I know about health, mindset and personal growth
  • Access to 8 “lessons” audios and worksheets that cover all you need to figure out what you truly want + how to make it happen (This is not tailored to one specific area like health. This will be on whatever area(s) you need)


$1297 paid in full or $495/month.

Before you sign up, let’s make sure we’ll be a great team.

If you’re really serious about this program and think this could be what’s missing, hit the button below to arrange a free 20-minute First Step call now.