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In this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Sarah Capodagli about something that is incredibly important but not very well known. We discuss what pelvic floor dysfunction is, how it can affect anyone but especially new moms, why it’s critical to understand how it can affect you before you start exercising again after giving birth, and much more!

Sarah Capodagli (CAPO-DAG-LEE) is a physical therapist who received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. With extensive continuing education and training in the specialty of pelvic floor rehabilitation she opened her practice, CorrEra (CORE-ERA) Physical Therapy in Western New York where she treats both men and women. She is an advocate for preventative and conservative rehabilitation locally and also participates in medical mission organizations around the globe.

You’ll also hear about my new program where you can work with me personally to achieve your health goals.

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