Hi! I’m so glad to have you!! Welcome to the first episode of The Hot Mama Movement, a podcast I created for moms who want want to get their shit together with health, relationships, finances, work and anything else life throws at them. I’s also to let moms know they are not alone!

In this episode, I go into the why and what of this podcast…Why I started it and all you will be getting from it.

I also go into what stopped me from creating this podcast sooner – comparison. I see so many women, and especially moms, feeling like there is something more in them, but they aren’t sure what, aren’t sure what to do, and allow the comparison to start happening. Sometimes…many times…they (we, because I do too) get caught up seeing what others are doing and thinking we could never, or feeling not good enough, and that holds us back from greatness, or going after all we want to go after.

I also ask you some important questions that will help you start taking action!

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Resources mentioned:
Institute For Integrative Nutrition
Healthy, Happy, Empowered Women – my free online Community

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