I love finding things to give me optimal health and to make this pregnancy easier! Here are the supplements I’m using!

**Disclaimer** I am not a doctor. Although, I do trust all of these products. And def more than I trust anything in processed and fast “foods” 😉

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*****For the superfoods (that contain pre & probiotics, adaptogens, & more I use, you can check out more about how to and all you get along with it in my Rock Your Pregnancy program HEREUnfortunately, getting all our bodies need to function at optimal levels is difficult due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, and frankly the amount & variety we would need to eat daily is not happening for this busy mama, but I want to be fueling my body the absolute best for obvious reasons, and especially during this time and postpartum! And note that when we do, we have energy, we do prevent disease, we feel amazing, we’re telling ourselves we are deserving, and so much more! Which is why I’m slightly obsessed with the superfood supplement I use daily & provide for my clients!


Heart burn? Or a feeling like your food isn’t going where it needs to go?  😯  I love these chewable enzymes! Better than tums! I chew them after I eat, and it helps a lot, and has great ingredients! Promotes nutrient absorption and helps digestion after meals. Contains 29 powdered Certified USDA Organic fruits and vegetables combined with a select blend of powerful digestive enzymes, and has 13 digestive enzymes, including 120,000 units of papain (an enzyme extracted from papaya and has lots of benefits besides benefitting digestion).

supplements for pregnancy tatianaamico.com

supplements for pregnancy tatianaamico.com







Pink Stork Cocolaurin: Organic Coconut Morning Sickness Relief and Immune Booster. I found this and I think it’s is so cool! It actually contains purified monolaurin from organic coconuts, a form of lauric acid naturally found in breastmilk. Breastmilk is known for its incredible ability to boost the immune system and its disease fighting substances.

pink stork cocolaurin pregnancy supplements for nausea







Magnesium Oil Spray – For nausea as well! Many women don’t realize that low magnesium levels are one of the leading causes of pregnancy vomiting. There are other benefits as well – improved sleep quality and a reduction in feelings of anxiety and irritability. For developing babies, Magnesium can help promote strong teeth and bone growth.

magnesium oil pink stork pregnancy supplements







Pink Stork full package! 9 Products for Complete Prenatal Support -Relief From Nausea, Constipation, Heartburn, Fatigue & More. If I saw this in the first few weeks, I would have gotten it!






Garden Of Life Raw Prenatal – Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vegetarian Multivitamin Supplement with Folate, Iron, Probiotics & Ginger | Non-GMO, Dairy & Gluten Free. A Whole Food Vitamin for Mom & Baby 

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vegetarian Multivitamin Supplement with Folate, Iron, Probiotics & Ginger | Non-GMO, Dairy & Gluten Free, Best Whole Food Vitamin for Mom & Baby pregnancy supplements







Udo’s oil- Healthy fats are incredibly important for our brains! I actually met and spoke to the creator of this when I was at an event – Life Mastery (and yes! I did learn how to master life…Can’t you tell? 😉 )…And he brought up a good point about this being especially important during pregnancy…Those babies are like cute little parasites to our brains, so gotta keep feeding our brains the goods! And this stuff is awesome! I put it in my green smoothies daily.

udos oil pregnancy supplements healthy pregnancy






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