Not quite ready to Synchronize with me yet? Want to get your feet wet first before you’re ready to commit full throttle?

Hot mama bootcamp could be just what you need!

Something really magical happens when women come together and support each other in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Stories are told, unspoken fears are shared and collectively they move forward with courage and intention.

And lifestyles are changed forever.

Here’s what’s included:

AN IN-DEPTH NUTRITION GUIDE: Inside you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know to start eating right in a simple, easy-to-follow format – including exactly what and how much to eat (seriously), example meal plans, tasty recipes and tons of other tips + tools (VALUE: $500)

EXERCISE PROGRAMS: You get to choose from a KICK ASS collection of scientifically-tested exercise programs that have been put through the ringer and proven to work. Imagine not going to the gym for hours or wondering, “What the heck do I need to do??”ALL (VALUE: $750)

SUPERFOODS:  I send each CLUB member the EXACT superfoods I use daily. This is power packed and gives me the max nutrition possible (a little secret – unfortunately the food we buy is now lacking in nutrients…yeah, it sucks, but it’s true, which is why I get it ALL in with this), helps with my sugar addiction, and has generally made a huge difference for me (there’s nothing else like it out there – for real, I’m tried ‘em allll) (VALUE: $800)

BI-WEEKLY COACHING CALLS:  Every other week you can get on a call with me and your new community of women that are on this journey with you. I’ve read that those who have this kind of support and accountability are 78% more likely to achieve their health goals. I want you to be one of those successful women! AND I want you to stay that way. (VALUE: Priceless)

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH ACCESS TO TATIANA: Support is SO important on this journey. When you join, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you’ll have the opportunity to seek my expert advice & guidance (I pop into the group regularly to hang out, chat and answer Qs) and connect with other women who get it and get you. Plus, you have lifetime access to this group for ongoing support and accountability. It’s really a gift that keeps on giving ????  (VALUE: I mean…I can’t really even place a value on this ???? But let’s do this – at least $300 for every month you are in there!)

EMAILS SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: for additional support, accountability and helpful info



Check out what my ladies are saying HERE.

I like to talk with every one of my challenge candidates before actually accepting them into The Club.


Because the energy in The Club is high and I want to make sure they’re truly committed and ready to bring everything they’ve got.

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