Not quite ready to get super deep with me yet, but want to get your feet wet first before you’re ready to commit full throttle?

The Hot Mama Bootcamp could be just what you need!

(An no – you don’t need to have birthed a human to join…Honestly I just like saying, “Hot Mama” & so the Hot Mama Bootcamp was born!)

Something really magical happens when women come together and support each other in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Stories are told, unspoken fears are shared and collectively they move forward with courage and intention.

And lifestyles are changed forever.

Here’s what’s included:

AN IN-DEPTH NUTRITION GUIDE: Inside you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know to start eating right in a simple, easy-to-follow format – including exactly what and how much to eat (seriously), example meal plans, tasty recipes and tons of other tips + tools (VALUE: $500)

EXERCISE PROGRAMS: A full year of digital access to the most amazing workout programs known to man (no more looking for workouts on pinterest and wondering why you’re barely seeing any change). You’ll get to choose from a KICK ASS collection of scientifically-tested exercise programs that have been put through the ringer and proven to work. (VALUE: $1200)

SUPERFOODS:  You will receive the EXACT superfoods I use daily that give you all of the craving-busting dense nutrition that your body needs to be in optimal health (i.e. prevent disease and have the energy to do all the things). Fun fact – no matter how well we eat, or how healthy we think we are, our food is lacking in nutrients & this fills in the gaps to give us the best nutrition possible. This is power packed and gives me the max nutrition possible (a little secret – unfortunately the food we buy is now lacking in nutrients…yeah, it sucks, but it’s true, which is why I get it ALL in with this…plus – there’s nothing else like it out there – for real, I’m tried ‘em allll) (VALUE: $800)

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH ACCESS TO TATIANA & AN AMAZING COMMUNITY: Support is SO important on this journey. When you join, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you’ll have the opportunity to seek my expert advice & guidance (I pop into the group regularly to hang out, chat and answer Qs) and connect with other women who get it and get you. You’ll have access for 4 weeks. (VALUE: $1000)

BONUSES: *My getting started right guide with all the info most are missing to make lasting changes *Recipes and cooking show to keep you excited about fueling your body – healthy doesn’t mean boring, babe! *Personal development and mindset work, because health is also an inside job *Meal Prep Guide so you can finally master the task of healthy weekday meals


ALL OF THIS STARTING AT JUST $160. YEAH, I’M SERIOUS (I mean – I have uncomfortable af shoes that cost me more than this 😉 )!!! SO ARE YOU READY TO DO THIS?!

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Note – this is for positive vibers ONLY! Ready to be challenged mama? Hit the button below to get on the waitlist! The next round begins March 19th!