What Aerial Yoga & A Hip Hop Class Taught Me #Hotmamamovement


Have you ever tried stepping out of your comfort zone? What did you realize when you did? In this episode, I will share my experiences of stepping out of my comfort zone and being empowered by it!

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Why I share the things that I share in this podcast
– Why you should step out of your comfort zone and what happens when you do
– What happens when you decide to keep going and push through all the doubts and negative thoughts
– How you can flip those mean girl thoughts and turn them into empowering thoughts

4 Key Takeaways:

– When someone is baring their soul, acknowledge what they are saying and give them love by commenting with love.
– While it feels good to start something, it feels so much better to work through all the negative thoughts and the doubts that come along the way. Make a decision to push through it.
– Be open to things because you never know what will happen. So many amazing things will happen once you make a decision, once you go through it and once you start working through those thoughts.
– Step out of that comfort because you deserve it and you are capable

Tatiana said:

“An empowering thought will take you so much further.”

“Don’t allow fear or lack of knowledge to hold you back.”

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